Whether we meet two years before your wedding or a week before you elope, I vow to get to know my clients in a real way because I am there to be your story-teller. I like to make time to get coffee or walk the farmers market and hear about the proposal. Or all the DIY projects you're making for the day. Colors and aesthetic are a major factor? Lets do dinner and talk deets and "must have" shots of your tablescape! I like to be apart of the process because I know each of my clients have a unique energy, a story that is worth seeing and conveying through photos. My approach is to truly be a friend and let you shine effortlessly, without reservation or hesitation. 

My Approach

I am there to remind you to live in the moment and to be your ultimate hype woman! I pay attention to those small moments because I know they matter. I am there to capture your personalities, your dynamic, your people.
All the real moments.

Ashley Deets

California is home
Follower of Jesus
Daughter, Sister, Aunt,
Friend, Mom-To-Be

Liger (my v. human like cat)
Live music
Road trips down the coast
A good slice of cheese pizza
Cult classic cinema


"It's simple, my brand is love."